How to buy a GX12BOT robot?
Simply pay online via the payment method, you receive a pdf containing all the information we need to create the license

Can I get a demo to test?
This is what the scammer asks me every day then he pays someone to open the license so as not to pay so no I prefer to abstain

Is the robot unlimited?
yes, when the license is under your name then you can use it with the different broker as long as the name is the same as when you registered your license

I bought your robot on another site can I have an update?
Yes of course in the month of January 12 in 2050 year, 
if you ask this question, it means you are not very smart, sorry but no !! 

What is White Label?
We offer to create a robot with your logo, your name, and you can resell our robot under license to your customers and you collect all of the sales.

With your License:

We help you to understand the system and logic of our robot, all our robots are very easy to install, simply add the robot to the chart with a default setting for the symbol that we make the adjustment. We specialize in Gold

Support License:

In the event of a problem, we recommend that you follow our instructions exactly, otherwise you won't win. You mustn't be greedy for money, and that's why we put a target profit on all our robots.

Error Licence:

If there's an error with your license, please check that the robot is on the correct account number or name and surname you provided when you bought it, otherwise our security system won't activate the license.

How become Affiliated ?
First you need sign up and you can visit our page i explain all correctly here