Rules of trading

What I notice is that 99% of people think that they buy a robot and that it will make you rich while you sleep, well if that were the case I would know, here we make profitable robots in working with a target, because, in an hour or this afternoon the market changed little we were in profit and suddenly we become negative, this is exactly what the market does every day.

The robot is not magic, it only follows the market by evolving with a strategy, but be aware that no strategy is 100% guaranteed.

Whether your trading is manual or with a robot or semi-automatic, you should always make your withdrawals every week and never believe that the broker will let you earn 500-100k!!!

Often people don't follow the business terms and think they know better than others, so they lose and say, "Oh, the robot doesn't work," and when other customers follow the rules, they make mistakes. profits! It's crazy how stupid the creator is.

Working with Gold is not like Forex, I personally love Gold because I watch the news on TV, in the economic newspaper and I know what to do with my robots.

Small Disclaimer:

Gold is a very volatile symbol, it is not suitable for everyone, some people do not know how to trade and even if they have a robot in hand they do not know how to manage anything because it always and always touches the adjustment, or it does not do not accept that the robot goes into a bit of drawdown.

Quite simply, the robot should work in their own way, being 100% profitable without ever being negative.

I tell these people, BUY A PLAYSTATION!!!!

Trading is not easy and it is above all a real profession, even the best traders are sometimes afraid because the market is bad and it is no one's fault, the robots work very well but sometimes the market is capricious and the robot will follow the market but does not control the market.

you need patience and good money management

Sometimes people want to earn money but we are afraid to take a small risk, if you don't take a risk in trading you will never be able to earn a salary of 1000 euros per month, the goal is to quickly recover the deposit in profit, and when you get the deposit back in profit, you can take a little risk, it really doesn't cost anything. If people put down a deposit of 500 usd/euro and that money normally goes to buy your groceries or pay the rent on your apartment, well you better keep your money, people who are in business are people who have financial means to lose, if you lose and you are in a bad situation, you will never win because mentally you are dependent on money and you will trade like a casino player who says to himself this time I am going to do it again.